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School is like a prison
We can't leave,

School is like an island

When the earth quacks,
and the forest shakes,
the animals run and cower
But when it's all over the earth

I’m a weed on
A cliff, I hang out with
An eagle, but maybe the
Flowers are the weeds.

What is the point of life if it is just disappointments?
What is the point of life if we are just going to die?
What is the point of life if we just get divorced?
What is the point of life if we just get in trouble?

Soft fluffy Snow fresh on frozen ground,

Green grass, and newly blue blooming buds bulging from all around,

Every sky’s a brand new sky, uncanny once again,
And every kiss, a brand new kiss, new one, no matter when.
And every love, a brand new love, new cherished every day,
Through lips and heart may slowly age, the awe-struck boy will stay.

Despite the doubts and troubles, that you have gone through,
There is no doubt about are love.
Though many now change partners when they want to,
You’ve found your one and chosen not to move.

My love for you will infinitely grow,
I promise I love you with all my body, heart, and soul.

When I feel your skin, at first touch,

If I had a rose for every sorry,
I'd have picked a whole field.

I'm sorry for all I have put you through,

Don't ever let go,
Don't ever give in!
Hold me close,
Hold me tight,  

I'm sorry for the day
I had to leave,
But you got to believe,
It wasn't goodbye,

My love for Her
will last forever,  
Her skin against mine,
as soft as a feather,

My heart,
has no pulse,
as beatless as the dead,
and as soft as clay,

The world is sore,
From having so many wars,
You can’t just stuff it in a drawer,
It is going to wash up on are shore,


What is the point of fighting?
There is no winner

What is the point of fighting?

Lightning, thunder, flash, flicker, boom bang,
Darkness flooding every vein,
Hearts broken in the rain,
souls bare vial pain.

She picked up my head,
Out of a puddle of dread,
I regret a lot of things that I have said,
Some times I ask why aren't I dead,

Let not a rainy day,
cast a shadow upon your garden.

Let not your worries be over your head.

Let not one's conniving thoughts,
and wondering eyes steer oneself wrong.
Let not the words of others cause your sorrow,
and eternal loneliness.

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i write all my poems, iv been writting sense 8th grade only 2 years as of 12-1-10)

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What Is School Like?

School is like a prison
We can't leave,

School is like an island
We are all trapped,

School is like a pie
It is good at first until you reach the crust,

School is like a toilet
It is full of germs,

School is like a salad
You have to put something on it to make it better,

School is like a stupid cat
It never dies,

School is like a garbage truck
It smells, it's big and you can here it from a mile away,

School is like a baby
It always needs your attention,

School is like a shark
It just keeps chasing,

School is like going to jail
You never want to go back,

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Anna Williams 16 December 2010

Every poem I read of yours, I love. :) Keep writing, forever.

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hey your peoms are so cool better than mine

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