Jacob Gifford

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Jacob Gifford Poems

1. Pure War 12/14/2008
2. Journey Of Love 2/26/2009
3. What Is Love To You? 3/9/2009
4. We Have To Stop The War (Pt.2) 3/11/2009
5. My Girl 3/16/2009
6. I Be God 3/25/2009
7. Murder 6/8/2009
8. Brought Back To Life 7/14/2010
9. She Is Everything I Want And More 8/7/2010
10. The Best Moments Of My Life 8/22/2010
11. A Stary Sky Given For Love 8/25/2010
12. Don'T Let Me Drowned In Your Own Sea 11/6/2010
13. Tears Of Blood 11/30/2010
14. One Candle Lighting My Whole World 12/16/2010
15. Thank You For Waiting 12/24/2010
16. I Couldn'T Ever Love Anyone Else 2/12/2011
17. Alive 4/27/2011
18. The Pain Is Worth It! 8/23/2011
19. The Greatest Inspiration 10/4/2011
20. Giving Up What Was For What Is 10/27/2011
21. Your Heart Must Be Broken For The 'One' To Put It Back Together 12/1/2011
22. Unyielding Passion 12/23/2011
23. Mine Forever 6/30/2011
24. Reborn Light 6/30/2011
25. Keeping Me Alive 12/16/2010
26. Sunny On The Other Side 2/13/2012
27. War 1/14/2009
28. Freedom 12/15/2008
29. We Have To Stop The War 3/9/2009
30. Beatin With A Bat 7/28/2010
31. I Hope You Remember Me 9/18/2010
32. I Love You For The Millionth Time 3/12/2012
33. Walk This Earth With Your Hands In Mine 10/27/2011
34. I'M Still Here Waiting 7/1/2011
35. I Didn'T Mean Too 12/16/2010
36. You'Ll Never Know How Much I Love You 11/8/2011
37. I’m Here To Stay 12/1/2010
38. What Is The Point Of Life 12/15/2008
39. Every Day Is A New Day 12/1/2010
40. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter 7/13/2011
Best Poem of Jacob Gifford

What Is School Like?

School is like a prison
We can’t leave,

School is like an island
We are all trapped,

School is like a pie
It is good at first until you reach the crust,

School is like a toilet
It is full of germs,

School is like a salad
You have to put something on it to make it better,

School is like a stupid cat
It never dies,

School is like a garbage truck
It smells, it’s big and you can here it from a mile away,

School is like a baby
It always needs your attention,

School is like a shark
It just keeps chasing, ...

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Pure War

We have had many wars before
So you can't ignore this war,
Because this one will truly be hard core,
You can say goodbye when death
Comes from the sky, why oh why,
Luckily we have our allies,

So pick up your guns and cease,
The peace, this is the place,

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