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Who Am I?

If I am not stronge,
then what am I?
If I am not jealous,
then what am I?


From the thorns on the trees,
cutting through my eyes at one glance,
Travels down,
Cutting scars under my skin,


The lies that you have made will be your undoing
The secrets you have kept will arise
The enemies you have met will come for you
and I will watch as they destroy you from the inside


As the birds sing in the quiet winds of the trees,
I dance around the skies
as though nothing matters.
The waters of the oceans as blue as the sunny sky,

Ashes Of The Lost

Ashes of the lost,
trapped in the darkness of a cave,
you will not suffer, you will be saved.
Your cremation, the cleansing of souls,

Jacquelyn Burge Quotes

18 February 2017

The blackest candle with a flame of darkness has the power to be the brightest, warmest, purest candle ever made.

18 February 2017

Those who shall forget me will never be forgotten, for when they remember me, I will remember to forget them.

17 January 2021

'The biggest mistake I made was believing that if I cast a beautiful net, I'd catch only beautiful things.' -The OA

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