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If I am not stronge,
then what am I?
If I am not jealous,
then what am I?

From the thorns on the trees,
cutting through my eyes at one glance,
Travels down,
Cutting scars under my skin,

The lies that you have made will be your undoing
The secrets you have kept will arise
The enemies you have met will come for you
and I will watch as they destroy you from the inside

As the birds sing in the quiet winds of the trees,
I dance around the skies
as though nothing matters.
The waters of the oceans as blue as the sunny sky,

Ashes of the lost,
trapped in the darkness of a cave,
you will not suffer, you will be saved.
Your cremation, the cleansing of souls,

In the night, when i sleep,
Trolls come from the tweens,
They call at midnight to evil unseen,
Attack in and out of dreams.


I think we are all afraid of something, or everything,
We have that small fear in the back or our minds,
that escalates into paranoia if not proven wrong,
I think the most terrifying thing out there is love,

To love is a curse and a gift,
To hate is a curse of love,
To hate love is to have loved then lost,
To love hate is to have never loved,

Thoughts puzzled, mind jumbled, no time, not time,
never time, tick tock, tick tock,
drip drop, drip drop,
falling, falling rain, pretty,

Beneath the burning stars,
beneath the waning moon,
when day has burned the scars,
of the flaming noon

Tick tock, tick tock,
The clock ticks and tocks,
The sands fall through the hourglass,
How much time do we have before we completely go mad?

You are yours to keep,
over life, over death,
you belong to yourself.
Whether you are split in two,

I have a new story
I don't know how it begins or how it ends,
But i do know how it feels.
The anticipation, the excitement of an unknown adventure,

There is no peace,
Where bulls run free in herds of life.
There is no peace,
where the sun blazes over hundreds of miles of seemingly empty land, cracked by a dragon beast of water.

Greet them with a smile, so they know you mean well.
Learn their names, so they know you care.
Communicate clearly with parents, so they know they can trust you,
and you can trust them.

Do you ever look at the stars and feel homesick?
Every night, I sit on the back porch and point my gaze to the sky.
Why do I do this? Why are humans so fascinated by something so far out of reach?
It is a phenomena that haunts my every waking moment,

It is a universal fact that
any woman who is inclined to the nature of the arousal of her mind
is in need of endless piles of ink-smothered papyrus.
It is to not say

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Who Am I?

If I am not stronge,
then what am I?
If I am not jealous,
then what am I?
If I am not protective,
then what am I?
If I am not emotional,
then what am I?

If I do not love you,
then who do I love?
If I don't write poetry,
then what do I write?
If you don't want to protect me,
then who will?

If I am not selfish,
then who am I?
If I am not creative,
then who am I?
If I am not loving,
then who am I?
If I am not understanding,
then who am I?
If I am not wise,
then who am I?
If I tell the truth,
then what are lies?
If I dont really exist,
then what I am?

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The blackest candle with a flame of darkness has the power to be the brightest, warmest, purest candle ever made.

Those who shall forget me will never be forgotten, for when they remember me, I will remember to forget them.

'The biggest mistake I made was believing that if I cast a beautiful net, I'd catch only beautiful things.' -The OA

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