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It took a pain to travel
A road so long
Had to travel it
I am face with connivers! Death?

Inherent of heredity as heritage
like ants gathering in heap
And cultural feeling dressed us
All with spirit of ubuntu

Death died death
A tragic death of unusual death

Cemetery moaned, howled and wept alone

Dusty field is mindless horror reigned
And the blood is flowing like a Nile river in Marikina's dusty field.
Contemporary history is full of repetition
There is massacre in our mist again

Don't call my Africa a moron!
After stealing its means
Poisoning its food
Larcenous its resources,

Singing a silent song in language of ernegy
It comes out shy
Look! At it braches
Lenging eyes down

Truth has been loitering around her like a devil's advocate.
Found its alighting on her singular day
It came out and cleft her up
Like a walnut under elephant foot

Big tree by the road side in Ntwane
In the morning the shadow lean on the road
Under it! It clenches calm breeze.

By now you are an ancestor in your own rights
And comforted by the Lord almighty himself

I was talking about you did you know that

I love you with love of lover
Who love each other with love?
Hence imitation makes limitations

Universe its where there are universities
If you are happy
I am happy too
And feel like happiness

Don't die this unfriendly winter and interrupt it
Unfriendly people should speak and go

It's a cold winter seasons are cousins

They are like life to human
And they can contain life in them
They can replicate life
and put a smile in someones face

It walks the walk we walk
Talk the talk we talk
Every day and everywhere
Not shameful and silently talking with us,

Now that august is gone
And we all know that all augusts come and go
Is this woman? a woman of vertue,
Is this woman? a super woman

like a loyal parent
You devoted all your life in improving life of sons and daughters
Changed their typecast
To renovate their monotony

To all the places I went to see
And all the islands I have set my foot in
The beautiful gardens that have walked in
That evolved sense and unusual feelings in me

Life without life it's not life
Almost every one will remember
Day and night is cycle of life
Life on its own is not matured

Leopards pinpoints each other with black spot
So dogs with a smell

One day you found this dog

I have never met you officially!
And my wife didn't know what to say!
When I ask her, where are your parents?
So, I can give you a hard hands shake

Jacques Sprenkie Mateya Biography

He was born in Thabakhubedu in 1981, he went to Thabakhubedu primary school and matriculated in Nala secondary school, He holds B.com degree from University of Limpopo, worked for Viveka chain supply, Ndlovu care group and currently he is working for Elias Motsoaledi local municipality. the dusty streets of thabakhubedu in dennilton have seen his up rising, this rural part of limpopo [south africa] completed my life so he say.)

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Painful Road

It took a pain to travel
A road so long
Had to travel it
I am face with connivers! Death?

You should avoid such road
And be moderate with his life

When such conquers
One is rich with wishes
That eye tooth can bite the pain
And ease it

Uncomfortable presence
I love nothing more that everything
I am creeping in the body
Like thief in the night

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Tuomo Haapala 19 November 2016

Jacques Mateya. Mail me on th@julita.nu Tuomo Haapala composer of A sour day

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