Jagannath rao Adukuri Poems

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A Blade Of Grass

I cannot focus awareness on the winding road
The distant hill is covered in a blue haze
There is all-around oblivion felt in my unbeing
Only the other day I was a blade of grass

A Boat Trip On The Ganges In Calcutta

At nightfall the pretty Ganges wore
A black sequined satin dress and
A splendid necklace studded with
Candle-like lights on the bridge

The Kitchen (A Tribute To Woman)

We liked her much and her ethereal self
She carried her transience about her
As though it was a long flowing toga
For her transience was a settled matter

The Tirumala Hills

Here yawning time-distances shrink.
New chemical formulas emerge.
All that is thought logical merges
Into camphor-fragrant unreality


The body had struggled for a whole night
Calling for a tranquil, unquestioning acceptance
A typhoon in the intestines caused the mind to swirl
In a smelly rejection across the car seat

Tales Of The Sculptures: Krishnapuram Temple

A petrified man-beast
Had a sense of fair play
The princess sniggered prettily
On the hunter’s abducting shoulders


When the stars sprinkled dust on our roof
And the night’s queen whitely bloomed.
There was déjà vu in the night’s smell
The left over one of the previous day


The shadows were cool liquid and sensuous
Dense in the core but undefined in the edges
They were not like the morning shadows
Warm and expectant under the April sun

Heart Attack

I have known it coming all these days
These specters in long white gowns
Decide my future in hushed whispers
As their smoky whiteness envelops me

The Memoirs Of A Geisha

The geisha had eyes like rain.
There was laughter in her eyes
That looked the color of rain.

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