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(C *
The deed is done
the battle ends and it’s anon
the water burns, the fire flows

I reach for the beams of hopes & dreams. But the moon's high over my head. I can never reach that far.
It's hopeless.
My dreams flee and I chase them, yet they flutter like silken moths, out too far. Without hope, I fall through the darkness forever.

Silent cries and dark tears fall, motional years cease
seems so long ago
bleeding hearts spring forth from the wells of despair,
while petals fall from the dying black rose, once vibrant and beautiful to behold.

Fallen stars turn cool, and a dark blue
Soft voices calling ring light and echo into the places that you've abandoned
you have left what once was thriving
the sounds of your footsteps disappear and no one is there.

The sun has set, and so has all of my regrets
As I lie here they're flooding into my mind
I can't sleep, my thoughts keep running to me,
asking how I can live if I fear living,

Salem Burns

Burned at the stake I rise
severed from a nation where hatred lies

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I write poetry as well as lyrics, I am into all aspects of the arts I am an animal lover, a pacifist. Most of my work has already been copyrighted and some of my songs (which have not been posted) have the music composed along with them.)

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(c Moon Chant * * *

(C *
The deed is done
the battle ends and it’s anon
the water burns, the fire flows
it runs down to your head, and up to your toes
falling upward, rising down
feet in the sky and hands in the ground
step from day, you turn to night
full of darkness, full of light
speaking in a silent tongue
sunset ends, our dance begun
Earth, Water, Air, and Fire
help bring forth our true desire
God and Godess, Blessed thee
Love and Light, so mote it be!

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