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Death Has To Wait

Somebody save me, my thoughts are twirling,
The ground is spinning, the ceiling whirling.

A Man Would Hope

The best a man can hope for is a life without remorse

Water Water Everywhere

Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink
That is of course until this lovely ship does sink

I found a penny today, Laying on the ground.
But it's not just a penny, This little coin I've found.

Found pennies come from heaven, that's what my Grandma told me.

Where Do I Go From Here

I look in the mirror and what do I see
A handsome man peering back

She sings a song with passion
With a voice that echoes pain
Her dreams of love are fashioned
With the words of each refrain.



Her eyes captivated me
large and expressive


Many cars pass by me
My dreams continue to deny me.

You are my obsession
Your kiss sets my soul at ease.
You play with my emotions
With a soft and gentle tease.

A Corpsmans Prayer

With crystalline drops
I bathed your wounds

My life is one I can regret
Made mistakes, that's true
Wouldn't change a moment
If it meant not loving you…

Never Take For Granted

There are many things we seem to take for granted,
Everyday, things like seeing and breathing.

If I Should Die

If I should die before you wake
Know my heart could never break

My Little Girl

This little girl so fair and small
Looks very normal but isn't at all


We camp always to be with our friends
Can't wait to get there, hate it when it ends

Driving Home

Music plays, a heart races in the night,
Because she knows soon enough he will be home

Tis Spring

A brisk wind blows through dried oak leaves
Chinaberries wave gently in the breeze

The Sycamore

Beneath the grove of Sycamore
Just beyond the well worn path

The Poets Truth

The poet opens with the line
Compiled from in his heart

Remember When

We had a little house with three bedrooms,
One bathroom and one car out on the street.

James Casey Biography

His box fell open and his rambling words did fall Upon the bits of paper, were written things for all Words that were just hidden, somewhere deep inside, Now come to the surface, nowhere left to hide There is a meaning for each line, Search and you shall find it in the rhyme Please don't rush it, don't be blind. Read them slowly, and use your mind He often wonders, how long his poems will last Someday soon, he knows, death will make the box be clasped; His words will then be trapped inside once more Until the box falls and words are scattered on the floor He always questions, never just rides the tide It makes him vulnerable to things he kept inside Forever will he write them, forever will they say Who wrote the words that fell, from within the Box that day. Born to a dysfunctional family in 1940 he had somewhat of a normal childhood until the age of 10 years. His parents divorced and the family was split up. The oldest son went to live with his father, the two girls stayed with their mother and Jim was sent to an orphanage. Jim went from one orphanage to another as they closed down and when he finished junior high school, he was placed in a foster home He graduated high school in 1959 and immediately went into the Navy where he was a Medical Corpsman until he was honorably discharged. He, with his wife. started ThePool Company of Binghamton in 1977 and remained there until he retired in 2003 He has seven children and 17 grandchildren. His book, ' A Collection of Poems ' reflects his life experiences from around the age of 10 to today.)

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Death Has To Wait

Death Has To Wait

Somebody save me, my thoughts are twirling,
The ground is spinning, the ceiling whirling.
If you look through these kaleidoscope eyes,
All you'd see is colors and lies.

Can't concentrate, my mind whirls so fast,
Thoughts unfocused, can't remember my last.
I have to get out of here, have to get sane,
I have a need to feel some pain.

The turmoil is here, I don't know how to hold on.
My biggest stronghold is my biggest fear,
All this turmoil must now cease, begone
I pray to God he doesn't leave me here.

These ups and downs are killing me,
More so than you could even see.
Others can bounce back, get right back,
Not me, I plummet, down losing track

My grip is slipping, can't keep doing this.
I need a rope, not an anchor.
I think I left it somewhere, that's clear
Because it's sure not, with me, here.

How do I tell people what is going on?
Normally I bury it in the great beyond.
Surely I'm not so secluded, can't they see my fears?
I can't be this good at swallowing all my tears.

I present a pleasant facade, color to all.
But its all a lie... the peace isn't mine.
I'm, here spinning out of control.
Someone please grab me, I'm starting to fall

It's my duty, I can't leave just yet.

Jim 1986

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Smoky Hoss 26 May 2022

Missing your wonderful words James... praying you are in His care.

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Chris Albee 23 November 2009

Beautiful writer of poetry. Can tell immediately a lot of thought goes into the works. Keep it up! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 1

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