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A lack of literary artifice is no sin,
So long as the way of the words invite the soul in.

'Poets are used to discovering, years after a poem is written, what it's really about.'
-Kathleen Norris (from: 'The Cloister Walk')

'To live is to fly
Both low and high.'
-Townes Van Zan ...

Smoky Hoss Poems

Aging Poet

Come and see the old poet
Laying in his bed of ashes and dust,
His love in ruins
His mentality frozen by restless rust,


Don't we all wonder, remotely
- in ways we cannot even fully understand -
'What's this all about? '
Age has invaded our mind

Cat & I

There we sat
Just me and the cat,
Upon a bench overlooking the river Thames,
The cat turned to me

Are You Here To Take Me Home Today

Every time, that last year of life,
when I would go visit her in the nursing home
where she spent her days dreaming inside of those
walls that weren't her own,


The black-eyed Susans
are gone,
the question of fall
has begun.

Smoky Hoss Quotes

24 November 2014

All dirt washes off, so go, roll in the mud, have a ball!

25 December 2020

When all is said and done, we are all just walking each other home. - Ram Dass

26 December 2020

When I talk to God, I knew He'd understand; He said, stick by Me, I'll be your guiding hand... but, don't ask Me what I think of you, I might not give the answer that you want Me to. - Peter Green

Smoky Hoss Comments

Patti Masterman 31 August 2011

Continuous kindness, class, and deep thinking. That is what I know of Smoky Hoss. His name might convince you he has rough edges: but don't fall for that. He is a splendid writer and I'm glad I've come to know him here at poemhunter. You'll never regret reading his poetry; it will open your eyes to things you never suspected existed, to things you never gave much thought to before..he dreams hope into his messages to the reader, a valuable and lacking commodity in this age.

3 0 Reply
Eric Cockrell 14 October 2011

Smoky's a poet with depth of heart, and an understanding of the human condition. always a good read!

2 0 Reply
Jim Boone 18 June 2014

Smoky, your poetry always leaves me wanting more of your insight and abandon. I love your work. Poem Hunter: I am having trouble with reading poems on here of late. When I pull one up it goes before I am finished. Que past?

1 0 Reply
Jim Boone 13 October 2012

Smoky, Contact me at We should do some poetry readings together. Jim

1 1 Reply
Cynthia Buhain-baello 20 March 2012

I find your poetry beautiful because of the honest heart-truth in it and how spontaneously you lay out that truth in smooth flowing words. I wish I could learn that art!

2 1 Reply
Claudia Krizay 03 January 2012

Everything I have read of Smokey's is well written and deeply inspirational- and very moving and interesting to read! ! Good work!

2 1 Reply
Juan Olivarez 03 January 2012

What can I say about Smokey, I know he is a great poet whose morals and positive outlook on life always shine through his words. His love for the great American Southwest which I share has endeared him to me. I can see his values and love for God in all his poetry. I just hope someday to be able to walk the Mojave with this poet who is such an inspiration t so many. Until that day pal, keep em flying.

5 1 Reply