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Black Buck

Behind the bush lay the little black buck,
A venomous arrow, in his heart was stuck;
From behind a tree had shot the hunter,
Had his eyes set on the buck; the dirty predator.

The 'Eternal Stain'

On a cold winter night, it did snow,
Where the sword into the earth did sow,
A strange essence was carried in the air-
Scent of a battle not played fair;

The Red Apple

The parrot pecked on the little Red apple,
As he wondered on, how tasted the sugar of maple?
He thought if it would as precious and sweet,
But was sure, its taste would make him tweet.

The Writer

With heavy eyes I stared down at the book
Reading through every corner and nook
Of every word and each and every letter,
Trying to read something that would help me understand their creator.

One And Another

The pile of books separated the two of us,
One had a heavy heart and the other, over it was making a fuss.
One was sad thinking he was bad,
The other was trying to tell him he was mad,

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