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The Holy Virgin

The time has…has come the time of death,

Next to the cob webs, were my candle-sticks, a blaze,
Outside my window, the moon burnt; aglaze;
I wondered if forever, shall disappear the moon?
And would we be wrapped in an eternal noon?

Behind the bush lay the little black buck,
A venomous arrow, in his heart was stuck;
From behind a tree had shot the hunter,
Had his eyes set on the buck; the dirty predator.

On a cold winter night, it did snow,
Where the sword into the earth did sow,
A strange essence was carried in the air-
Scent of a battle not played fair;

The parrot pecked on the little Red apple,
As he wondered on, how tasted the sugar of maple?
He thought if it would as precious and sweet,
But was sure, its taste would make him tweet.

With heavy eyes I stared down at the book
Reading through every corner and nook
Of every word and each and every letter,
Trying to read something that would help me understand their creator.

The pile of books separated the two of us,
One had a heavy heart and the other, over it was making a fuss.
One was sad thinking he was bad,
The other was trying to tell him he was mad,

“I’ve seen it all, I’ve seen it all” shouted a man,
Not knowing past what he had just ran.
“He’s seen it all, he’s seen it all” shouted another one,
I asked, “Then do tell me past what he did run? ”

I felt no fear as the sword was drawn,
And I knew not if after that moment I would live on?
I stood with my eyes filled with blood-
Blood-with what the sea did flood,

The list of names in my hand made me go mad,
Poets they were, yet all a merry lad;
Candles and logs they had steadily burnt,
And their wax and soot was now intensively learnt.

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The Holy Virgin

The Holy Virgin

The time has…has come the time of death,
The death of my life, death of my breath,
Death of all but one…death of one but all,
Yet into the void for death I shall call.
It is near but death itself is nearer,
For all those who shall not be cheerer,
Death was the love I called upon into the world,
It was love that trembled as my death built a new world.

A new world with one less,
A new world with a greater mess,
For death of one is death of all,
Still into the void, My love for death I shall call.
‘Cause there is none like death
And none like death can take my breath.
For I was me and me alone,
And I was mine and mine own.
‘Cause there is none like me-
None as different…and not one so free.

Death was all I had ever known,
From when I as a seed into the earth was sown,
To the skies I reached out yet grew not,
Higher than all I was yet was so merely short.
I knew not what I wanted,
But I knew that what I was gifted,
But I knew not what I had to do,
But I knew very well what to do.

Behind bars I had threw mine soul and heart,
But not my mind which was my delicate art,
‘Cause that was all I had,
It was merry yet sad,
‘Cause I was far from all, I severed myself,
Yet my love was not for myself,
Unfathomable was my love for love,
Yet I hid it all up in a cove.
But I did what I did,
For I was me and not some other silly did.

I told them not when they told I was wrong;
When they told I was bad I told I was wrong,
For I knew my action,
Yet lost was the proper reaction.
Sins were mine, sins to all,
Sins were mine but mine sins not all.

Robbed by death I was of all but one,
One was my mind- the special one.
For my mind was mine and mine alone,
Amidst all it sparkled and shone,
For death touched it not as what it was it knew not,
Yet of that it never forgot,
For it was the only that was beleft,
When death made love to earth and none was left,
Because when all was gone,
Left was the different one,
When gone was the origin,
Left behind was my mind – The Holy Virgin.


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