James Niles Poems

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Diogenes Enlists In The Revolutionary Army Of The Baby Jesus

There he was in what passed for dirty clothes,
the lamplighter poem blasting from a mouth full
of rock candy mountains He carried the lantern alight
in the light of day for journeys so long that they were

I Am Afraid Of My Nothingness

I am afraid of the ocean, not the
seashore with its magic gifts of shells
and sand-dollars or the bars and
nearness of sliding bodies on poles

Annie’s Predicament (A Letter)

Dear Annie,

Avedon, you look so much like him nowadays. I loved sharing the cherry phosphate at the soda fountain below Union Square. The paparazzi were so so very pretty, in their Calvin Kleins and Madoff muscle shirts.

In Search Of Coming Myth

T’was a small eatery, walls nautically enriched
with charts, a polished brass bell, at the kitchen port,
so bright., burnished to a gloss gong gleaming, glittering
with a mist of virgin olive oil and the

Gone, Gone Away

Not here no more gone
Laying down in fragrant hay
Kissing pretty girls

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