James Ronan Poems

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Yosemite’s Grand Lady

Conceived on edge of rock and sky
Are snow melts dripping melodious beats
Forming rivulets that trickle leisurely by
Blending with springs from mountain peaks

Barbary Coast

Barbary Coast

Assuredly I was known by a lifestyle shown,
In the habits of a wanton man.


I amble amongst jumbled wood
That storms have tossed about
On a beach where villagers once stood
Only now a silent bell rings out

Desert Storm

Replete of light against dark sky,
A vibrant halo speaks of change.
Wispy mares' tails hint peril is nigh,
Stealthily lurks on far-off range.

Golden Game

Fading scars mark an offended earth,
In tailings exposed on distant hills,
Bearing past witness of a metal’s worth,
Its memorials decay as aging ore mills.

Passing By

Lie restfully as a blanket of new fallen snow,
Our memory of you is crisp as the morning's chill.

Evenings paint long shadows across our path,

Desert Lanscape

A serene horizon rends land from sky,
Where vistas run long to valleys' floor.
Serpentine beds where streams ran dry,
Affords allusions of waters roar.

Desert Fauna

In a shadowy niche scurry tiny fast feet,
Whose bountiful cheeks hold stash they stow.
Their survival is guaranteed by gift of fleet,
As beady eyes shift while tracking foe.

Sequoia Sempervirens

In cool dark valleys soar groves of wood,
That cast silhouettes on delicate ferns,
Colossal logs lie where trees once stood,
Making no sounds of worldly concerns.


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