41. Something Feels Right 5/4/2009
42. My Whole World 5/4/2009
43. Must Be A Special Thing 5/4/2009
44. The Visions I Was Imagining 5/4/2009
45. I'Ve Got The Blues For You 5/4/2009
46. Valentine Kisses 5/4/2009
47. God Only Knows 5/4/2009
48. Fairytales And Dreams 5/4/2009
49. Train Wreck 5/4/2009
50. Should I Leave Or Stay 5/4/2009
51. Take A Moment Today 5/4/2009
52. Suddenly I Feel Alone 5/4/2009
53. I'M Just A Lump Of Clay 5/4/2009
54. Wheel Of Chance 5/4/2009
55. The Day Love Said Goodbye 5/4/2009
56. Always Remember 5/4/2009
57. Usted Es Precioso 5/4/2009
58. Cross Country 5/4/2009
59. Someone True 5/4/2009
60. Lonely For You 5/4/2009
61. Wildflowers And Lilys 5/4/2009
62. Love's Gentle Sound 5/4/2009
63. Your Day 5/4/2009
64. I Think Of Her 5/4/2009
65. Good Morning 5/4/2009
66. Uncertain Path 5/4/2009
67. Heart Inside 5/4/2009
68. Just Followed My Heart 5/4/2009
69. Was It In A Dream I Met You 5/4/2009
70. Whatever You Hope For Is Ok 5/4/2009
71. Thinking Of Spring (In The Middle Of Winter) 5/4/2009
72. Some Mornings 5/4/2009
73. Dusty Shale Road 5/4/2009
74. An Emotion So Rare 5/5/2009
75. Chance 5/5/2009
76. The One You Send Away 5/5/2009
77. Lost Without You 5/5/2009
78. Friends Can Sense 5/5/2009
79. Tell Me Your Heart's Tale 5/5/2009
80. If I Should Fail 5/5/2009

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Best Poem of JAMES T. ADAIR

Mother's Day (From A Son)

Dear Mother
Special wishs from your son
They say a mother's work is never done
and I can vouch for that
You've done a ton
and this day when all the thanks
doesn't seem quite enough
I know you've struggled many times
and had it so rough
an average person would have quit
and said: I've had enough
But you were always watching out for me
protecting me and by my side you'd be
So this day, is special, just for you
For all the little things you've done and do
Today take it easy and let me treat
Sit back and take a rest, put up your feet
and let me ...

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You'Re In My Heart

I thought about you today
I think about you all the time
I miss you whenever I do

You're in my heart
Not just like words
but you're in my emotions

When I reach out to someone

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