Jamie Ellen Christian

Rookie ((1976-Present) / St. Louis, Missouri)

Jamie Ellen Christian Poems

1. The Moon Over You 4/9/2008
2. Alone In Utopia 4/9/2008
3. Let Me Be Dead To You 4/9/2008
4. Warmth 4/9/2008
5. Beyond My Grasp And Path 4/9/2008
6. Love Amazing 4/9/2008
7. The Mask 8/27/2008
8. Us In Pieces 8/27/2008
9. Without A Word 11/17/2008
10. The Severity Of Your Love 12/3/2008
11. Shroud Of Oblivion 12/10/2008
12. As Rare As Earth 4/11/2009
13. Unfinished And Untitled 4/12/2009
14. Reflected Misery 10/3/2010
15. Spirit Of Lies 1/18/2011
16. Beloved, Rescue Me 2/4/2011
17. The Cobra's Song 4/9/2008
18. Dirge Of A Willing Slave 4/9/2008
19. A Crying Fool 4/9/2008
20. The Untitled Ode 7/25/2011
21. Alien 4/28/2013
22. Extinguished Ember 2/4/2011
23. The Love Jaunt 4/9/2008
24. Jaded Heart 4/9/2008
25. A Flower Standing In The Dew 4/9/2008
26. Here Is My Heart 5/7/2008
27. Stolen Reality 4/9/2008
28. Achilles Heel 7/15/2011
29. Ecstasy 4/9/2008
30. A New Day 5/6/2008
31. Fade To Purple 5/12/2011
Best Poem of Jamie Ellen Christian

Fade To Purple

As if Im sitting on purple clouds
Covered in purple shrouds
Singing purple kissed melodies loud
The Purple Master himself would be proud

Gifted, these fragrant purple flowers
Soaking wet, drenched from purple showers
Lifted, high high high atop purple towers

Yet as I walk through purple haze rooms
Filled with purple phased fumes
Im enlightened by the purple tazed blooms
Purple vibes that remove crazed glooms

Hungry I appetize on purple wood blunts
To then feast upon a purple smoke lunch
Break bread, along with the purple grape bunch
Fade ...

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Alone In Utopia

He said take my hand
Let me show you fields of bright clovers
that dance in the wind
Follow my lead he mouthed
See the crystal stream
Who's currents gently flow
for they never end
Quiet he said and listen
The Birds all serenade to you

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