jana ghossein Poems

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Time Out (Simile, Metaphor, Alleteration Poem)

Help how much my heart hurts
my mouth is as dry as a desert
my throught is sore
my voice is a goner

Winter (Personification Poem)

The wind is whistling
the clouds are crying
the trees are dancing
the sun left us

'Twas The Day Before Easter

'Twas the day before Easter
..and all through the woods,
The bunnies were busy
packing their goods.

Sea Creatures

Come along, come with me,
Take a dive in the deep blue sea.
Put on your gear, let's explore
All the way to the ocean floor!

Sun(Haiku Poem)

Ode To My Locker (Ode Poem)

The magic box
that holds my books
waiting for me
in a steady look

Lebanon (My Country)

Lebanon is the country of truth and honesty
that i will cherish for eternity
its the land of great fantasy
its a land

True Friends

Understands your past
Accepts you the way you are
Trust in your future

Strange(Narrative Poem)

I bumped into a guy
he said watch out
i told him hi
but he pushed me out

Forget (Narrative Poem)

My mom went to the beach
but she forgot her things
to the back of the car she reached
but still she forgot everything

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