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I came from a divorced family. Both of my parents remarried, unfortunately to people I didn't care for. Probably not surprising, I am separated and trying to get a divorce. They say children of divorce have a higher rate, don't they? I have two beautiful teenage girls and a man in my heart (for going on 20 yrs now) whom I love with everything I have...heart, body, mind, and soul. Sadly he doesn't feel quite the same. Therefore many of my works are filled with longing and love gone wrong. But that's ok, cause even when it's bad or it hurts...love is still GREAT! However, I've always heard it said: 'It's better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all' I'm not entirely sure that's true. Anyway. My poems are very personal, I only write about things that really move me, an experience born from incredible love or great pain. My favorite grandfather(papa Land) died in'93. My father, Tommy Land died in June of '02, my favorite uncle Johhny Land (though I loved them all) died in October of 2000. I also lost two other uncles, Charles and Ronald, and I love and miss them all. Recently (this year) I buried my paternal grandma which was so very difficult. Finally in April '99 my grandad on mom's side and a very good friend of mine died...and let me tell you...other than my dad and his parents, loosing Kay Padgett was the hardest for me.So many of these works are in tribute to very special people. Poetry for me is, very honest and great therapy, so very many of my works are...well, raw. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the way I choose to express mysely on life and sensitive issues I've either lived personally or helped a close friend through. I hope these can, not only entertain, but maybe help someone along the way. Sometimes, like in times of loss due to death my writing is all that keeps me sane.

Janis Land Raymer's Works:

I haven't had any published yet...I've submitted some. However, I do have an e-book that can be downloaded.

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The Maze

Which way? left...right
do I stand still?
The voices...spurred on by my...
fears, medication, fantasies...
Have you ever known fear?
Not of monsters or people-