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I write light and rhyming verse about events that have happened to me or topical events. I like to make people smile and bring a little humour whenever I can.

I write for all occasions Birthdays, Weddings, Births and departures. You can visit me on www.personalisedpoetry.co.nz

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Bunions & Onions

I rub my bunions with onions
Cause you see they are pretty sore
I rub my bunions with onions
Cause it's all been done before

I've seen my sister do it
I thought it very strange
Why rub your feet with onions
Does it keep away the mange?

It's supposed to help the swelling
She patiently explained
I haven't lost my marbles
And my head is not deranged

So I rub my feet with onions
Cause I took my sisters cue
And when my bunions give me hell
I know just what to do

You may think I have lost it
You may think I'm rather mad
But rubbing my feet with onions
Has started a strange new fad.

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Jannpoet Versemaker Popularity

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