Jannpoet Versemaker Poems

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Bunions & Onions

I rub my bunions with onions
Cause you see they are pretty sore
I rub my bunions with onions
Cause it's all been done before

It's Gone Again

Grey clouds forming, covering the sky
Blue sky fading, disappearing while I
Morn the loss of the warming sun
The day promised brightness

How I Like My Poetry

Some poems are so raw
Like and underdone and bloody steak
They may be good for the writers soul
But leave the reader feeling butchered

Time Out

I'm feeling quite jaded this morning
I dragged myself out of bed
moved slowly to the kitchen table
and now there's an ache in my head

The Race

Here's the line up in the race today
We have a fine field of horses,
Inspiration, Motivation, Thought,
Ego, Critic, Selfdoubt, Verses and Emotion

Kite Flying

I don't mean to skite
But When flying my kite
I fly it so high in the air
I don't mean to skite

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