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1. Time 10/5/2012
2. Time With You 10/5/2012
3. War In You 10/29/2012
4. Darkness That Dwells Within 12/4/2012
5. The Kiss 12/12/2012
6. All About You 12/12/2012
7. The Salker 12/12/2012
8. Paradise 3/25/2013
9. The Predator 5/8/2013
10. Sick Of It 8/14/2013
11. What I Want 1/26/2012
12. I Give You All I Have 3/7/2012
13. A Life Without Love 5/17/2012
14. My Love For You 9/28/2012
15. What I Can'T Express 11/22/2013
16. The Darkest Side Of Me 2/21/2014
17. Voices 3/10/2014
18. No More Darkness 6/1/2014
19. The One 9/12/2013
20. Love 10/4/2012
21. You Cant Hide The Real You 4/20/2012
22. What Is Death 12/16/2011

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What Is Death

death is love,
death is peace,
death is all the non-violent things around you,
death will hunt,
death will kill,
death is a fallin' angel,
death is what you will receive,
death is all around you,
death is love,
death is peace,
death is the killing angel of peace,
death will take every last soul,
death will vanish the day we leave,
you can run but you can from death,
he will find you no matter where you go,
death hunt by fear,
death is love,
death is peace,
death is all round.

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A Life Without Love

a life without love is like armegedon,
a life wiithout love is like a bullet peircing through my heart,
life without love is like war spreading over the world,
life without love give us no reason to live.
so let learn to live and forget the hatred.

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