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Why can't that be me, the daughter
you come home to
Loving me all the time, and saying I miss you
Why can't that be me, the daughter you call everyday

When I first started talking to you, my only word was hey
Then you started stealing my heart in this crazy loving and sexy way
You made my heart beat in a way that nobody can
You gave me feelings that no one can give

Your far away, but somehow you feel near
Now and there im in love with you would come creeping in my ear
I thought I saw you, it mustve been confusion, because it was just an illusion
I knew I thought I saw a smile a yard away, but it was just a bright display

When a child is born, they're blessed with two gifts
One of them is a father, a strong, special, and protecting gift
A father is one of a kind, stronger than any man
Through the sports or activities, our father is our biggest fan

Have you ever notice when you look at me I blush
Have you ever notice when you pass by me I hush
But what’s there to say you have my heart, you’re my crush
Have you ever notice when we make eye contact I put my head down

5'4, light brown eyes, that's two descriptions of you
My everything, my life, your my everlasting boo
Anytime you need me I'm just one call away
I fall more and more for you day by day

Is he worth the drama, is he worth the troubles
We never hold hands
It’s like were not a couple
Is he worth the sadness, is he worth the tears

I never knew I would hurt you like I did
I wish I can go back in time and undo all my mistakes but its too late
It wasnt worth the wait because I never had the guts to admit my mistake
If I say sorry I know you would never believe me

It hurts to love you, knowing your not there
It hurts when I talk about you, knowing that you don't care
It hurts to see you sitting there knowing that you don't care because there's another girl sitting in the place where I should be there
It hurts when I write you poems, knowing that your not reading them


Wake up every morning sad
Go to sleep every night mad
But why sad
Sad cause I’m alive

What you is to me, is what the stars is to the sun
We're different but together we're one
From the rising of the moon to the setting of the sun
Your my thirst, my first

It felt like yesterday when we first met
Im sorry I haven't gained the courage to tell you I love you yet
It felt like yesterday that we had our first time
We connected like poetry, you were my other rhyme

Even though we're not together I can't seem to get you off my mind
I don't know what you did but I'm blind
I'm slowly, slowly trying to get back to you but if I run out of time, I don't know what I would do
I've made my miskakes in the past, so I know I won't make them again

Seven, Seventeen; it can be seventy years
I'll love you more and more even if we lived together for however many years
I'm not perfect and somedays we'll argue and fuss
But at the end of the day, we still have trust

Why should I cry knowing my grandmother and mother will never come back
Why should I cry knowing I will never get my past back
Maybe I should cry to release the pain
But If I cry or dont cry I'll still feel the same

My arms is the place that will keep you warm
My hands is the thing that will shelter you from harm
My heart is the thing that will love you forever
If I die today, I hope you remember the memories we've made

Mama, It's been 10 years since you past
Life goes by but memories still last
Mama, your daughters grown up, they're sixteen, eighteen and twenty

There's many reasons why I can't express my feelings for you
Cause I don't want you to fall for me
We're miles away and it hurts so much
It hurts so much that I can't feel your touch

I feel like it hurts so much to live
I feel like it hurts so much be who you are
I feel like I have to fight to just be happy
I feel like I can't even be myself around the one's I love

When we first met, we started as two lonely friends
Friends that would be there til the end
You we're a friend that I would ride for, try for, or maybe die for
You we're someone that I could of talked to

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Well what can i say about myself. Im in the army. I love serving my country everyday. I love basketball and writing poetry. Im sweet and easy to talk to. If you wanna know more, message me :))

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Why Can'T That Be Me

Why can't that be me, the daughter
you come home to
Loving me all the time, and saying I miss you
Why can't that be me, the daughter you call everyday
The daughter that you miss so much, that she takes your breath away
Why can't that be me, the daughter that makes you cry
The one that touches your soul, everytime she says goodbye
Why can't that be us, daughter to father
Without you in my life, everyday it gets harder

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Anthony Garcia 20 March 2010

your really good at this

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