Jason Callender

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Jason Callender Poems

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37. Betrayal 7/8/2014
38. Dnt Worry About Those Gone 7/8/2014
39. To My Daughters 7/23/2014
40. Teaching My Baby Girls 7/23/2014
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I Cry

I cry
with tears in my eyes
how i feel inside
without my girls my by side
daddy loves u with all my heart
i wish we'd never have to be apart
this is the only way to let u know
how much i love u so
i wish i never had to go
only god knows
i've lost my soul
now i don't know
i wanted u close to me
so i could be the best daddy
but it wasnt meant to be
but you will always be my heart
always from the start
my lov will never part
i will always be here
i will always care
you hav nothing to fear
my dear
i love my children with all my...

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There is soo much prodjudice
i dont even believe in justice
people act like they dont notice
but i clearly see
you really dont appreciate me
even being outside
in the dark i must hide
so u dont see my face
cause you'll swarm the place

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