Jason Jackson Poems

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Broken Umbrella

On the footpath lies a broken umbrella,
just imagine the number of times it's been used,
once loved, dependable, fashionable & fit,
now lies disgraced, amongst the cigarette butts and dog shit

You Hate Me (Road Rage)

I’ve just left my house & you hate me,
I’ve just opened the car door & I can feel your hatred,
I’ve just put my key in the ignition & you are sharpening your tongue
I’ve just reversed out of my drive & you are making snide remarks

Never Go To Sleep On An Argument

Things are not as they may first appear,
something gets lost in the fog,
Feelings are oft misconstrued in the mire,
you need to look deeper, by God.

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to the girl with the flaxen hair,
bless her face, her heart & her highly polished teeth.
Happy Easter to the girl with devil may care,
her over-protective parents & brother called Keith

Calloused Hands

Take a walk down my street,
see the depressed, weary faces
don't try to make eye contact
examine your new shoes and laces

Beat Goes On

Bonfire in my solar plexus, fire in my loins,
mild pulse beating in my middle-aged heart,
former rage is now cooled through family life
and I want the beat to go on

Travelling Home

Travelling back home for Christmas,
my spirits should be high,
now once familiar sights now hurt my eyes
and fill my soul with dread

When The Playtime (Recess) Bell Rings

When the playtime bell rings, it's time to cease fun,
when the playtime bell rings, it's time to grow up,
when the playtime bell rings, it's time to get serious.


Loneliness is a crowded room,
do you really need to be here
perhaps you would be better off at home, alone
a tissue will absorb your private tear

How Are You?

Telephone rings (& is answered) ..

How do I feel?
How am I?

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