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I was the one
who never loved to live
life so long
and lonely lamenting besides

wrestling shreds of shared hope
I once tried to end it
but it remains there somehow
thereafter I never believed in killing it...

A breeze through the brazen world—
Where none but the dead bodies of hope
Keep on waiting to find someone to help them cover their faces,
Where numb hands die for a soft live touch,

“It was a long jump, children!
No, a forceful push behind made me stumble down
An unintentional jump—yes, a jump!
It took me hours to cross

Don't fail me down
while keeping your word
be sure, you are sure about it all

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Javaid Anwar is a Kashmiri poet, drama critic and theatre worker. He writes in Kashmiri, Urdu, Hindi and English languages. Javaid Anwar has worked as a language teacher and has experience of teaching English Literature in one of a well known degree colleges in Jammu and Kashmir. He has done his Bachelors degree from Bamina Degree College Srinagar, his Masters in English from Kashmir University. Javaid is currently working on his thesis for doctorate at Aligarh Muslim University. He has participated and presented research papers in various national and international seminars and conferences. Javaid is one of the executive body members of Gulshan Cultural Forum Kashmir (a group of writers, and theatre theatre activists) and sub editor of GCF's literary journal Firyaad. He is also a good translator of literary works. He has translated poems and short stories from english and Hindi into Kashmiri.)

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I was the one
who never loved to live
life so long
and lonely lamenting besides
the lake of
my green hamlet
not too near to that empoisoned
land that licks its lips
and shows the redness of its blood
to scare away the flies from daily heaps.
I tried to break free
from that web of greenery
and the bars of those tall pines.
I wheeled down,
I fled…
I fell on the heaps.
My ears buzz.
I am now free from that
monotonous Green.
(Even free from every colour.)
I saw no colours until
My veins coloured me…
Into red!

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Javaid Anwar Popularity

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