Jaya Varma Poems

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Cinderella's Nights

Its not so shiny tonight
the buds too lazy to bloom
in my bed, i struggle to write
with ink as dark as gloom

A Poem For The People Of My Country! !

Got independent!
Think again
with the bugs
eating your flesh

The Way You Ignore Me

We have come so far
still i keep hurting you
you say nothing, just step back a little
this ignorance, turning me blue..

We Burn And Flee

You hit the wall
my fist would bleed
your heart shall call
my eyes would read

The Shadow Of Yours

Its drizzling here
and you ain't around
the rising scent
is breaking me down

Castle Of The Phoenix

Dark castle she made
to hide all her fear
and letting it battle
beneath every layer

A Telegram Of Love

A telegram of love was sent
through the cloudy ways to the sea
rushed in the breezy rain
as the sun set out to leave

Beneath All My Lies

Love, you'll see in my eyes
beneath all my lies
when i would show my back
hiding tears blue and black

It Happened One Night..

When the world was warm in bed,
The moon kept raising its head.
Awake I stared at the sky
and waited till night was ripe.

The Faceless Fairy

That faceless fairy of yours,
Whose strings of life you hold,
Has breathed so long in dark,
Can barely stand a spark,

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