Jaya Varma Poems

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It Happened One Night..

When the world was warm in bed,
The moon kept raising its head.
Awake I stared at the sky
and waited till night was ripe.

Get Blamed.....

Its time
to get blamed
to realize
the done and undone

A Tribute To Nature

Moon o moon
I ate my shame
When i saw your scars
You sang a story

Cry Of A Woman

The curtain around me
the membrane in its own way,
not letting my soul breathe
not letting me scream or play.

A New Morning

I woke up again with swollen eyes
a heavy head, a heart that sighs
few cold splashes cleanse my thoughts
making my goal clear as a dot

A Telegram Of Love

A telegram of love was sent
through the cloudy ways to the sea
rushed in the breezy rain
as the sun set out to leave

This Time..Its Not A Verse..

I saw them tonight..
O' yes, I saw them
they had no heart
and that vacuum in thy eyes

Set Yourself Free

I wish to see you sleep tonight
and before you see the morning light
set your soul, loose and free
for what in real, it wants to be

Cinderella's Nights

Its not so shiny tonight
the buds too lazy to bloom
in my bed, i struggle to write
with ink as dark as gloom

A Poem For The People Of My Country! !

Got independent!
Think again
with the bugs
eating your flesh

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