A Tribute To Nature Poem by Jaya Varma

A Tribute To Nature

Rating: 5.0

Moon o moon
I ate my shame
When i saw your scars
You sang a story
Of a ray kissing your bruises
As a token left the scars
You still cry
And search for her
Travelling the sky
All day and night
I know you are broken from inside

Sun dearest sun
I drank my anger
When i smelled in your lullaby
A rain falling on you
Dying for you
And your ashes were never seen
Beneath your orange
She still makes you blue

Ocean my love
I deserted my unrest
As i saw you closely
Hiding your salt
The way she healed and left
You still scream in the tides
Raise up high your arms
And morning sees you calm

Snow heavenly snow
I burnt my coldness
When i saw you lying dead
You seemed blue
Like the frozen blood
But the grudges you hold
Describe the avalanche

Sky my closest sky
I fell in love with my curses
Coz i saw you stagnant up there
Watching others fly
In your arms
And you are quiet
With nowhere to go
I know why you hide
Beneath the clouds
You draw the smoky curtains
And alone you cry
I know now why you hide

Unwritten Soul 11 August 2013

A wonderful picture you painted here...well done_Soul

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Jaya Varma 11 August 2013

thanks a lot everyone! !

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Dave Walker 11 August 2013

A great tribute. A great poem.

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Gajanan Mishra 11 August 2013

beneath the clouds, good poem, thanks.

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