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Born 6th in a family of twelve that began in Missouri, living in St. Louis, Kansas City, Independence, Imperial and Lincoln. The family later moved to Chanute, Kansas where my father began a bookstore called 'Ye olde bookstore'. Running from creditors, the family moved next to Mobile, Alabama where my father's parents lived.
Having moved five or six times within Mobile County, and attending as many schools(mostly Catholic) I left high school after the eleventh grade to get married and join the Navy in 1973. My son was born on April 1,1974 while I was in Pt Huneme, CA for training in the construction arts. My marriage did not manage to survive my first deployment with the Navy. As a result of the divorce, she was allowed to retain custody of my son. His loss to me was life changing in all the wrong ways. Joy of joys, I have now spoken with my son who is now a real man with a beautiful wife and even beautifuler daughter.

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Special Way

My Son...
I remembered you today
in a very special way.
I wanted to hold you, and you to hold me;
to hold the child inside me, and I in you.
To just hold me
like you used to do
when I was where you were
when you were here.
I remembered you today
in a very special way.

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'There is no storm worse than the one you are in.'

I believe in a higher being, a higher place. yet I see others, otherwise bound.

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Jay L. Morris Popularity

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