Prayers Answered Poem by Jay L. Morris

Prayers Answered

Please hold!
All prayers will be answered in the order
in the order in which they were received.

(celestial music playing)

Please continue to hold!
An Angel of God will be with you shortly.
We are experiencing an inordinate number of prayers
due to Man's stupidity and cruelty.

(Percy Sledge rendition of Amazing Grace,
playing with Stevie R. Vaughn playing blues guitar,
in the background.)

Please continue to hold!
Your prayers are important to us.
feel free to visit us at 'crossyourselfand/'

(Bach playing his version of 'She put a spell on me! ')

Please continue to hold!
You are number 7,500,630,74 in line.
Be sure you have all your baptismal and confirmation
records available for the Angel of God.

(Sound of heavenly men's choir singing;
'You've Got a Brand New Pair of Roller Skates, I've Got a Brand New Key! ')

Please continue to hold!
Someone will be with you shortly.
In the mean....

'Hello, this is George, an angel of the Lord; how may I serve you? '

'Thank God, I was just about to hang up! '
'Yes, I have a really sore and acheing heart
and I've been praying for so long now
that joy and my family might be restored to me! '
'I just want to be happy just a little! '

'So sorry that your having such difficulty;
just a moment while I pull up your file.'

'Ah yes, here it is. HHmmmm, let's see here...
Pretty spotty record you've got here. Just about everything but murder. What's a matter? Chicken? '

'What, hey listen, I've been trying my best down here. You don't seem to realize how messed up things are. It's a long, long piece away from the Garden of Eden. If I have to keep waiting for my time to come,
it may be too late by then.
I need to be happy right now!
PLEASE, can you help me?

'Well, wait a second here..,
I guess it has been awhile since I was last down there.'
How is Queen Victoria? ', 'Is she well? '

'Queen Victoria has been dead a long time! '
'She should be up there; have you not seen her? '

'Well, you don't automatically get here just because your a queen! '

'Yeah, I guess not. Well, what about it?
'Can you help me out, or not? '

'Well, I'm looking at your file and there are some
notations indicating we were doing you a big favor
just letting you have a family in the first place.'

'I'm afraid your not really on our priority list of,
'favors to be granted.''

'What the hell are you talking about? I was born to be a father and husband. Who are you to tell me I didn't really deserve to be? '

'Sir, I do not have to sit here and listen to THAT sort of foul language.', 'Would you like to speak with someone else? '

'Ah damnit, yeah, let me talk with somebody else! '

'I'm afraid that St John and St Paul are out just now, but Ringo is still wandering around down there.'

'Ringo? , ' 'Wait, are you George Harrison from the Beatles? 'No way man, I'm a huge fan of yours! ' 'Loved the whole 'Dark Horse' thing. That was awesome! '

'Yeah, cool! ', 'That was awhile back.', 'Now, I'm just an angel up know, doing the God worship thing.'
'Tell ya what, my friend, you just keep prayin' and I'll see what I can do about the whole happiness/family thing, a'right? '

'Farout man! ' 'My friends are never going to believe me! '
'The George Harrison... working on MY case.' 'Now I do
believe in miracles! '

'Gotta' go, man! '

'Bye George! '

Thursday, April 30, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: faith,father,heaven,home
A fantasy version of my seemingly endless requests from my God.
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