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I cant always get my emotions out so i do what i do best i write and boy do i write! ! ! Im good and it makes me feel better! ! Even thou im young i do feel like writing is one of the best ways to do this

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I Am A Note

I am a Note, a note that is dieing,
My maker, she wont stop crying.
She writes me over and over,
And all she keeps doing is lieing.

She lies to his face,
It brakes her embrace.
All she wants to do is run,
All she wants to do is race.

Her head aches,
He sees the tears.
Her heart brakes,
And thats what he fears.

She makes her self smile,
He says 'Havent seen that for a while! ! '
She just nods her head then turns for the door,
Looks like she could go for miles...

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Jazmin Baird Popularity

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