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I know a murderer
Who walks free
Whose words are like daggers
Slashing our backs

I mean more than I say
You know that?
You know that everything I say
Signifies something

Set my soul on fire!
Set my white wings free...
Fly me down a river
Let it be

There is a time.
When it’s quiet
When my mind traces back
In the dead of night.

You've never seen
The poems I write
For I've hidden my dreams
So well out of sight

You used to make my rain look beautiful.
Sparkling droplets of love
That one message from you
I would think about all day

If I were blind
I would listen all day
And feel
And try to see the colours in what I hear.

We lost a star
That day you decided
I wasn’t worth it
I guess there’s

I believe in ghosts
And in dreams
Dressed in hopeless possibilities
An idea is real.

I see the world bleeding
The people crying,
The children dying

Strangers in the night
Wet wandering in the sleet
Pain echoes in those who’re lost
Silently out on the street.

She’s a rebel writer
Her feelings are tighter
A face slightly too stern
A flame inside her burns.

‘Trust! ’ they exclaim.
‘Trust before anything
Trust before life…
Trust before love.’


The darkness woven with roselight,
Blinked at me across its bliss
Smiled a smile that glittered with tears
Killed I, the ruin, with a kiss

I disguise
A beat for a tear,
A plea for a fear
Locked up in my lonely world,

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I know a murderer
Who walks free
Whose words are like daggers
Slashing our backs
Who cares not for our souls
Or feelings
But for rules
Rules and work
Anything that she can use
To her advantage.

I know a murderer
Who knows not the voice of freedom
Who cages her songbirds
Chains their beaks
Clips their wings
Who takes all life with her tone
And stabs with her snigger.

I know a murderer
Who doesn’t understand
Or anything that means something
Who sees children as fruit
Something to squeeze all the juice out
And then leave to rot
Hearts are of no use to her.

I know a murderer
Who walks free
For words wound more than weapons.
But no one can see them.

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Jazmin Woo 29 June 2015

Thank you! I appreciate your feedback :)

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