Jean Penner

Jean Penner Poems

1. The Snow 12/13/2005
2. Looking For Christmas 12/13/2005
3. I Know You Taught My Children 12/14/2005
4. The Bells Of Christmas 12/16/2005
5. This Year At Christmas 12/18/2005
6. The Little Tree 12/16/2005
7. The Sound Of God's Love 12/16/2005
8. Angel Wings 12/16/2005
9. Within The Strength Of God 12/16/2005
10. The Song Of An Angel 12/16/2005
11. The One Who Holds The Flag 12/14/2005
12. The Breeze 12/13/2005
13. A Heron 12/13/2005
14. In Loving Memory 12/16/2005
15. Father 12/16/2005
16. The Flowers In The Wild 12/16/2005
17. Little Lady Bug 12/14/2005
18. The Meaning Of Christmas 12/18/2005
19. The Whisper Of God's Love 12/16/2005
20. The Flowers Of Heaven 12/14/2005
21. Butterflies From God 12/13/2005
22. A Garden Of Love 12/14/2005
23. God's Grace 12/13/2005
24. The Window Of Heaven 12/14/2005
25. Flowers Of God 12/13/2005
26. The Circle Of Love 12/14/2005
27. The Image Of A Friend 12/16/2005
28. Stairway To Heaven 12/14/2005
Best Poem of Jean Penner

Stairway To Heaven

Drifting on wings of an agnel,
The stairway to Heaven unfolds,
The steps leading up to a city,
The pathways transparent of gold.

At the base of the ascending staircase,
A lamb sits soft at the door,
Surrounded by lilies and lions,
Grace has transcended the roars.

The Lamb offers peace in His presence,
Your fears He'll caress like a dove,
The soft gentle fleece of His body,
Will cover you up in His love.

Then soft as the wings of an agnel,
He'll carry your cares to the door,
The Lamb knows the steps of the staircase,
He's ...

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Butterflies From God

Ssshhh – listen close to the whispers of God,
His presence is fluttering near,
Like butterflies loosened from heaven,
In them His image is clear.

Gently God’s love drifts through our lives,
Searching for places to land,
Descending from Heaven, a symbol of hope,
It rests in the palm of His hand.

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