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Our mother's love is here to stay
Her love will never go away;

O-prah is her name
P-ower is her game
R-iches give her fame
A-ll she wants to claim

Once a choice is made to step
One foot in front of other;
Retracing steps and backing up
Is painful, hard, a bother.

DNA writings, so complex,
Scientists agree, some are perplexed
Sequential rhythm; perfect, straight-lined
Defects temporary- wrong choice, the crime

End dwelling with a person
Who drinks continually
Stop enabling; set bound'ries;
Call authorities

D-rinking and driving a big mistake
W-ill justice system give you a break?
I-gnore this law and see a place

My dreams run nightly;
Envisaged clearly;
Displayed, confined
Within my mind;

Escape, one clear, cool, crisp dark night
Away, from all bright city lights;

Search for an open space so wide

'A day is like a thousand years, a thousand like a day';
To God, millenniums - are just one breath away;
'Great sea monsters' created before man upon this earth
In God's image, He made the man; from dust, began his birth.

Terrorism in every place
By evil ones who spew true hate;
Will end real soon, God won't be late
True fear,

An angry person grabs your hands
And holds them in a flame;
He says you made some bad mistakes
'Payback' is now his claim.

The God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob
Defeated multitudes;
As long as His people obeyed
Enemies were crushed, subdued;

Walk into a castle,
Chandeliers, carved crystal glass;
Specks of stones, unlimited,
Scattered, arrayed; quite vast;

Straighten teeth that stick far out
Revamp, reshape, repair odd snout
Cut bunions off to straighten feet
suck out the fat of belly, seat;

When I hear a baby cry
inside a grocery store
observing as the mother
does not keep care of this first chore

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A Mother's Love


Our mother's love is here to stay
Her love will never go away;
This love is good or even bad
It causes joy or makes us sad

Asleep in death our mom can be
Or wide awake so she can see
It does not matter, the end or start
Her love dwells loudly within our heart

Her love speaks daily as we grow
We ask, she speaks, but do we know
exactly what her heart does feel?
A mother's love can be concealed

Do not forget, her love is near
Words unspoken can bring us tears
She'll love you when she's far away
Your mother's love is here to stay.

Jeannie Ann Clark

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James Foulk 31 May 2008

there is a lot of poems with very bad words, the dictionary has over 60,000 words people don't have to use the f word. if you want to express your self use the other 60,000 words. Jeannie Clark does just that and i give her a A for her work. keep it up Jeannie.

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Badria Hassan 08 January 2008

Maybe I'm not professional in poetry but I think Jeannie has deep feelings and faith for herself and for people who surround her..I can see that by her poems so keep that. thank you very much because really I enjoyed reading your poems.

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