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To My Children

To my children
My future
May you find happiness
In this world of darkness

I write this poem
For you,
You, who I have not met
Nor probably will ever meet

I write in the hopes that you
Will not repeat the same mistakes as I
Nor of those who have came before

You are the future
Born from centuries of ideas
Wars, conflicts, and hope

You are the future
That people have fought for
And have also died for

You are the future
That will continue on
Living, growing, thinking,
And achieving the impossible

You are my children
You are my hope
And you are the endless future
Which I can’t even dream to comprehend

So don’t waste your life
Wondering what if
And don’t get hung up
On the trivial past

Only look forward to tomorrow
And live your life
For your children
And your children’s children

Because they are the future
And we are but stepping-stones
Building for a greater tomorrow

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