Jen Starr Poems

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Down This Road

Driving down this road
This long, winding road
I know I've been here before
but nothing looks familiar

The Thrill Of Your Life

Now that I have you alone,
I can see the fire in your eyes
You’re not very good at holding it back
And tonight is the night

Imaginary Love

When I first saw you
It was like a burst of sunlight
Filling a cold, damp room
That had been long forgotten.

A Silence As Thick As You

The few stars in the sky have learned quickly
how to break the silence that often lingers
between us.
Because I believe it when you say I’m incredible.


To you, I’m invisible
Intangible, indiscernible
That’s something you would say
I’ve dropped to my knees

Some Days

Some days go by when
all I can think about is you
and I can't go on without knowing

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