A Silence As Thick As You

Rating: 5.0

The few stars in the sky have learned quickly
how to break the silence that often lingers
between us.
Because I believe it when you say I’m incredible.
And I know you’ve had your share
but it hurts me, it kills me
To picture you with those from the past
Because then I know that I’ll be “just another” to you
So I block these inconsiderate thoughts from my mind
And I’m left here with nothing but you

My mind can’t help but wander
through memories of that night in the car
I know you won’t believe me when I say this
But it’s true
I’m only here for you

This day-long silence is cutting at my throat
until I can no longer breathe
I’ve climbed the rope that you threw for me
But now I’m hanging on
with no place to go
And it’s up to you
So please, please don’t let me go
And I promise not to let you go
Because it’s funny how you were never perfect to me
until I was perfect to you
But you have me now
Now that I’m too afraid to be thrown away
So I’m gonna hold onto you
Hold on for dear life
So promise me,
promise me,
You won’t let go

Sallie Howson 12 July 2005

the poems seems like a declaration of love..the title and insult..which is it to be?

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