Jenna Johnson Poems

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Whats In Store....?

Times slipping away,
our futures so near,
but yet so far.
In just another day,

Epic Love Story.

It was not meant to be,
its a chapter closed and finished.
An epic story of loves young dream,
has faded and diminished.

Unlock My Heart

You hold out your hand waiting.
I know what your waiting for.
This is special i take my time,
and place a key in your open palm.

Bad News.

Your temperature changes from hot to cold.
Your heart sinks, your eyes stream.
Your body shivers.
This is extreme.

Being Me.

Fresh faced, wide eyed, with an open face,
I take on the world with an easy grace.
Just drifting through life,
without a care in the world.

Jigsaw Face

First impressions on meeting me,
you will judge by what you see.
Before you is a happy face,
with sparkling eyes, glowing skin,

Tipping The Balance.

I cant sleep,
dont wanna eat.
I close my eyes just to think.
Thoughts are churning through my mind.


There are no words to contemplate,
the way i feel for you,
This love i have is deeper,
then the whole pacific blue.

Stressed Out Fashion Victim.

I wish I'd never had been born i said,
My father said why don't you ever use your head.
I'm just a teenager thats what i am,
My mother sat with her head in her hands.

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