Stressed Out Fashion Victim. Poem by Jenna Johnson

Stressed Out Fashion Victim.

Rating: 4.0

I wish I'd never had been born i said,
My father said why don't you ever use your head.
I'm just a teenager thats what i am,
My mother sat with her head in her hands.

Parents they just don't understand,
they like to think they do.
I'm a stressed out fashion victim,
with standards to reach to.

Your to young to be in love,
my father stressed at me.
Whats it matter to you i said,
how do you know how i feel?

They like to think they know it all.
They try to run my life.
But all they do is moan and whine,
and cause me nothing but strife.

Nicola Burkett 18 March 2008

Cool poem you got there misses... I think there is a time in a persons life, where they forget what it's like to be a teenager and the standards that society set for us to reach. They forget that the stupid rules of society, that tell us that you have to look and act a certain way to fit in. Even though those rules are complete trash..... Great poem 10/10

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LOVEFOOL Aka 17 March 2008

nice angst filled poem well done

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