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</>this world is filled with lies,
oh, i wish the world didn't cry,
many days come and go,
go by so slow

as i set here with nothing to do,
i cant help but to think of you,
i think about your eyes,
and how you tell me no lies

everyday i set and wonder of who
then i relized i'm thinking of who
visions and memorys flood through my mind
maybe because you not so kind!


there was a man in the prison
who set there because of one reason
he was thinking of three dead chidren
at present which are not the living

i will never get out of here,
i dont wanna stay in fear,
the world is so gray,
why does it act this way

a desire of welth flows through my skin,
a new life and love is set to begin,
steal your heart and your soal,
for you this is my number one goal,

daddy you left me,
you went down the road,
daddy you left me,
you didnt come home.

a desire of wealth flows through my skin,
a new lie and love is set to begin,
steal my heart or my soal,
for you this is my number one goal,

Slit my wrist take away the pain
slit my throat i'm to blame
this pain hurts so much
the pain i feel in every touch


The knife I hold tighten my clutch
i cant let go it hurts to much
the blood from my veins pour and pour
all around me and all over the floor

you say dont write a poem about violence
exuse my my poem is not going to be silent
are you living in the same world i am
where children who cry over candy get back hand

I'm the drug in your vein,
Baby just fight through the pain.
I'm the water in your eyes,
Just don't fight the helpless cries.


Even though she's smiling,  
She fell asleep crying. 
She might come off strong,
The image you see is wrong.

Why? ! Why did you die? !
And now in your coffin you lie
I cry, I just cry...
Every time I think about you

love is blind,
love is pure,
love is complicated,
love is sure

why is life so bad?
why is life so sad?
why are things so mean?
why cant things be clean?

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If you have any questions concerning my poetry, feel free to contact me at my email which is also you may find me on Facebook, about me: I am a spiritual person. I don't just write, I bleed poetry. I am one of the many young poets trying to get published. Please, I beg of you comment and rate my poems. I am just trying to do something that is special to me. Writing is everything to me, that's what I want to do. But I need your help to do it. All you have to do is rate and comment. Thank you -Jenni)

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</>this world is filled with lies,
oh, i wish the world didn't cry,
many days come and go,
go by so slow

all the cries i shall see,
all the lies they shall be,
all the miles i have reached,
only to forget what to be teached

forgivness is what i seek,
buti cant because i peak
sounds of screams fell my ears,
thats the only thing i can hear,

lies upon lies,
cries upon cries,
tears upon tears
fears upon fears

dont be afraid to go to bed at night
for i'll be their no more frights,
i will protect you,
and that i will do,

now wipe away your tears,
because their is no more fears,
so go to sleep, it will be okay,
go to sleep and remember tomorrows a new day!

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Jennifer johnson 29 September 2018

This person that posted these is not the owner of these. She may be a Jennifer johnson but not the one whom wrote these.

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Stefanie Fontker 26 September 2011

Creates an amazing emotional atmosphere with her poetry. Her words are not that of the slow and tender, but that of a powerful young woman. It has been a pleasure to meet her.

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Suvro Bhattacharya 16 September 2011

The poem of love by jennifer johnson is one of the rare outpouring of a pure poetical mind! The simpliest creation of poetical excellence is the hardest thing to achieve! And jennifer has shown her merit in her choice of words and phrases with her sense of rhyme! GREAT POET! WANT MORE! SUVRA!

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