Jennifer Kay. Simmons Poems

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A want deep inside;
False hopes, and a vision.
Skeptical fears;
for a fool to be taken.

What Is Will Be

If today you look back, there will be no tomorrow
Enter the hallway that has no end.
Those who lie usually steal;
mark them off as mentally hollow

Does It Matter?

No answers are given
Questions unheard;
Do they matter?

You Will Know

Blindness driven to madness;  
 Love on the way to hell.
Cold hands, Causing weakness 
 Lacking money. 

Between What Seems

One out of three don't sleep at night;
They say whats real is just a dream.
Darkness hides all the monkeys in the trees;
Open your mind, Think of nothing, and you'll see;

Not Taking Applications

You know when you know;
What you know, you know.

Its how the story goes

Into the darkness,

Welcome To My World

Arm swingers, lighter holders, and those standing on corners holding signs.
Some dance around like no others, While the hard workers spoil their lovers;
And the wind still blows outside.
Dare devils, and risk takers meet up with the mind blowers;