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Escaping Reality

To lie naked on the fiery hot beach
Waves crashing and cooling thy soul
Washing away pain and misery
A blinding sun warming every inch of body and soul

Angel Eyes

Beautiful blue gems, they are
Your eyes, send forceful shutters through my spine
Stare into them forever, I would
Your eyes, see inside my stone protected heart

A Simple Daydream

Pure imagination indeed
Reality wanted and needed at the same time
A physical love
An emotional love

Like A Good Neighbor, State Farm Is There

I must have you, pay for you – or else
Expensive you are too, but I need you
Send me letters in the mail that make no sense
You bill me every six months

Kill You I Would

Kill you I would
With passion, hate, and power
Stare into your soul and give you back your poison
Tease you with my gun, my power, like you used your power over me

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I am still in school and working too. I love traveling and love taking pictures. I watch TV, play online, and hang out with friends. That's about it.

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