Jeremy Fadollone Poems

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An Ode To Hip-Hop:

An Ode to Hip-Hop: The Call and Response One Hot Jalape├▒o Emcee Velvety V.I.P. Nacho Cheese. The Pomp & Circumstance Turntablist Ears to the Street Canonize The Beats. The Pageantry of Mic Bravdo,

Sands Of Time

The Dude Abides

The Artist and The Muse, Melpomene And Thalia. The Ethos of Authenticity gleans mastery of craft The Artist and The Medium; Yesterdays Masterpiece, Todays Unforgettable, Tomorrows Legend Awaits... The Dude Abides Like A Good

A Tango

The day tangos on, hand in hand waist to waist twinkling in the eye as the day becomes night and the night glistens on, as then deep reds of the day become the cool blues of the night...

Purple Rains

Gray clouds embark, Purple Rain soliloquy, Purple haze Crimson crush groove Autumn bedazzled I welcome you, first snowflakes falling sequined jumpsuits Marquees Viva' Las

Silvery Blush

Songs of eclipse thee tides rip chords of silvery blush, half dome granite marbled keys moonlight sonata. Streamers midnight blue luna Maria del sol crimson whispers sounds of new beginning, ancient calls of love in the wild.

Weathered Gem

(optical Phenomenon)

Cold Blue Iceberg New

A Sweet Day's Dawn

Morning light breaks gently gesturing the cascading golden rays along the contours sundry silhouette emanating softly, my skyline vistas embraced of the decadence with sweet nothings whispered warmed turquoise sundrops rendering the trill prismático.

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