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Money is tight at this moment
The bills are piling high
Trying to find the extra cash
Searching for what we cant find.

Dreaming about you is like being in a fantasy.
Every second with you means the world to me.
I try to go to bed early every single night.
Because dreaming helps me with my fight.

You say you like someone else,
I have known this from the start.
That hasn't stopped me,
I still give you my heart.

True love is not meant to be,
But it is always true.
It's when you love another,
When they don't love you.

The way you look at me day in and day out.
The way you let me know when you go and pout. ;)
The way you smile when I wink at you.
The way you will smile when you say I do.

I feel so lost and alone,
I just feel empty at times.
I fear the problem may be,
you will never be mine.

The love he felt, the pain he feels.
The life that changed, seems so unreal.
In love for once, she was his first.
Gone from his life, a neverending thirst.

i carry you with me, your with me at all times.
nothing will ever change that, because you are always mine.
theres nothing i wouldnt do, to have you to myself.
through everything possible, poorness or wealth.

Now as he lays down to sleep.
he prays his heart will cease to weep.
though his heart may be dead.
he cant rid the thoughts in his head.

your heart in shambles,
your mind filled with pain.
your life filled with anguish,
a neverending rain.

I love you because...
Of the way you make me feel.
There is noone else for me.
Everything just seems so surreal.

From day one till it was over,
you meant the world to me.
I went into a deep depression,
that noone could really see.


I’ve liked you since the day that we met.
Since that day my year has been set.
My goal has been to be the only one for you,
And for you to be the only one for me too.

I know we haven’t seen each other much,
And I hope to remedy that as soon as possible.
When I’m not with you I’m thinking about you,
Not thinking about you is almost impossible.

It's not that big of a deal
To tell someone you love them.
To make it the truth and not just words,
It would make the love last until the very end.

I sometimes feel my heart will burst
from wanting you so much.
I can't explain in words of how
I long to feel your touch.

A lot of bad things have happened,
I have had a very rough past.
All the events that took play,
Made it seem I would never last.


Fears are things that you can’t control,
As they all but define everyone.
Most fears are not easily conquered,
And won’t be when all is said and done.

Sadness has me in its stranglehold,
It has me by the throat.
If only I had her to hold,
to remove this painful choke.

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Money is tight at this moment
The bills are piling high
Trying to find the extra cash
Searching for what we cant find.

Supporting us is my big thing
No job no money what do I do?
Economy is slumping.
Can’t do what I’m supposed to.

My life revolves around you,
You are my entire world.
You told me if I can’t support you,
That I would have to find another girl.

Truth be told it hurt my heart.
To know that money means so much.
Money ruins all things
I don’t want to miss your touch.

Our lives will change and get better,
I promise to do all that I can.
I will do my best to make us work
I will try my best to be your perfect man.

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