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Before Adam

Before Adam's first election
Must have been the thought of Eve
Nothing less than pure perfection
Sould he so easily deceive


In the blinking of an eye
Lost my equilibrium whenever you walked by
Scarcely could have been foreseen
Bewitched me when you twitched your nose at me

Bradford Pairs

Staged in neat horizontal rows: Linear. Like so many Bradford pear trees
Beaming out at us from the 'Society' section of the Sunday newspaper
Complete with full frontal smiles betraying idealism grafted onto ignorance

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As William Matthews so aptly observed, most published poems fall into one of four basic categories:
1. I had a nice, almost religious day in the woods
this afteroon
2. We're not getting any younger
3. Sure is cold and lonely without you (or with you)
4. Sadness and happiness are but two sides of
same coin: and in an ...

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