Jessica Bousfield Poems

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My Angel

My angel is the one who looks over me
My angel is the who cares for me
My angel is the one who loves me
My angel has beautiful brown eyes

True Friend

A true friend will be there for you no matter what
A true friend will listen to you if you have a problem
A true friend will care for you
A true friend offer you gum but not cigarettes

Roses Are Red

roses are red
violets are blue

a red rose is my love for u

If You Love Me

If you love me
Like you told me
Please be careful
With my heart

1000 Words

1000 words can’t bring you back
I know because I tried
1000 tears can’t bring you back
I know because I cried


I am a little fairy that dreams a lot.
I sit on my little mushroom daydreaming,
About what the world would look like if I was big!
Everything would look really small,

The Lost Teddy

Once there was a little child who loved her teddy bear
She always has her teddy bear near her.
Her teddy bear keeps her happy when she’s asleep
The little child was in the bathroom, brushing her teeth

Dear Diary

Dear Di-a-ry
Can you believe me
Admit what I write
I like Hermione

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