My Angel Poem by Jessica Bousfield

My Angel

Rating: 3.3

My angel is the one who looks over me
My angel is the who cares for me
My angel is the one who loves me
My angel has beautiful brown eyes
My angel has beautiful black hair
My angel will be there when I get hurt
My angel will be the one that is always on my mind
He is the angel that keeps me breathing
He is the angel of my dreams
He is the angel that keeps me alive
My angel will cheer me up when I'm sad
My angel will love me for me
He is my angel of my life

My Angel
Marley Morgan 11 June 2008

the angel soon will be in the devil hands....hahaha

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Cool Soubai 02 August 2008

Good poem jessica keep writing

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Skylar Smith 26 August 2008

Beautiful poem! ! ! ! ! !

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jet anderson 01 July 2008

I wish I had an angel to say these words to. Very romantic indeed. I'm new to this site and I've got only two poems, read them if you can, enjoy them if they delight.

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Elizabeth Douglas 08 June 2008

This poem focuses on an angel. This 'angel' could be described as a lover, or an actual angelic being. I think she ment the angel to be a protector and guardian.

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Robin Miller 24 July 2009

hey i like the poem alot it reminds me of my husben because he is an angel for me so what i am saying is that there is an angel out there for every one

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Rita Hawkins 24 December 2008

Jessica you will get some insults from some people, and people like titus petronius are people to ignore, but be inspired by people such as Andrew and myself for I try not to insult no one, all I do is say good job and give a comment on the poem, or try to give some suggestions polietly.

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Andrew Morris 02 November 2008

The name says it all really titus petronius is a tit

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Titus Petronius 22 October 2008

Miss Bousfield: I) I regret to inform you that angels do not exist. No one is watching you from the star-dusted sky, no benevolent force exists outside the sphere of human understanding; and to titillate us otherwise is just cruel. II) I realize that the angels to which you are no doubt referring are those of the more intangible variety, and are probably metaphors for a vindictive ex-boyfriend or stepfather in whatever bucolic village you come from, but, then again, you don't know what a metaphor is, so there's my theory, debunked. III) If you're going to write poetry, read some. Love, Titus Petronius

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Melanie Williams 09 September 2008

utterly beautiful. i loved it.great job

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