Jessica Foster Poems

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You got me addicted now I’m involved in this sickness
I fell for you like everyone else
I kissed you and hugged you like I couldn’t live without it
Then you dropped me to the floor

Homicidal Suicide

The Pills are right there
There’s enough to finally make you aware…
Aware of how you hurt me.
Aware of how you ruined my life.

Alone In The Shadows Of My Heart

You said you could never leave me but your story changed,
She lifted her eyes to meet the truth when she saw you with me,
My cries are soft and weak with the inevitable fate you seek,
If she ever hurt you I could never forgive myself for your pain,

Broken Girl

Little girl just fourteen,
tears are in her eyes.
Little girl all alone,
no one hears her cries.

Our Midnight Dance

The moonlight shines as you twirl me around,
As if to give us a single Spotlight.
We could dance for hours or days,
but our spell will end at the stroke of twelve.

Carry Me As Always [mothers Poem]

Carry me as you always have
in your arms or on your back
Carry me for you know you must
in your heart or in your womb

Pretending To Understand

I'm tired of being the girl...
The one who's everyone's friend...
I always help with the love everyone finds...
But I still have yet to find my own...

Sharp Trends

You all have heard of a new trend,
A trend for when you fail to grin,
They say the only thing you need,
Is not as sharp as the deed,

I Need You

I need to feel your arms around me,
to truly be complete.
I need your hand in mine,
to really see straight.

My So-Called Fairy Tale

Where's my one true love?
Where's my prince charming?
Where's my knight in shining armor?