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Quietly, it stays solid and locked
In order to open, someone must knock

Concealed mysteries await further on

I am thankful for every day that I wake,
Being with those I love
And passing those I hate

There are pretty people
There are ugly people,
There are short people
There are fat people,

Forget the future,
Remember the past,
Don't contemplate
How long our love will last


Our pets make us happy
Whenever we need to be,
They understand everything
Without knowing anything,

Continue to push me
When I do nothing back,
Spit in my face
And then walk away

Where did they go?
I do not know,
they used to be so strong
But now I feel they are gone

It's in the air tonight
And all the nights before

It goes where you go

Falling into pieces
With no reason why,
Lost and broken, trying not to cry.
If I fall, I know you will catch me,

Throughout life, you experience so many feelings
Wether you're awake or dreaming,
Laughing or crying

When things are so right,
Why is it that I wish for another life?
I have the perfect love
That I could never want to replace.

Before I met you, I felt so Scattered and Broken,
Falling Apart
Because Everything was so Complicated,
Every day was a Bad Day

The curse of anxiety
Brings a fear of losing my sanity
As I try to hold on to this reality

Maybe you will come back,
Maybe I will no longer have fear,
Maybe you will realize what you did,
Maybe I will no longer shed a senseless tear,

I'm looking for a sock
While half out of bed,
Hearing the screech of my alarm clock
Pulse through my head


Music always finds a way
To speak the words,
That we fail to say

A simple apology
Is sometimes all that people need,
It can save them
From being so unhappy,

Long hair,
Short hair

Dark or light,

Fall victim to gossip,
When it is spoken about you

Fall victim to boredom,

I do not hate with intention,
I do not fear love,
My memories are kept in supsension,
Creating my life with what I think of

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Hey, I'm me. I love poetry, it is beautiful. I also love to read and write. I can never think of stories to write, even though I have a large imagination. So if anyone has ideas, feel free to let me know them, it'd be cool =) . You can find me on myspace if you wont to know other stuff.)

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My Doorway

Quietly, it stays solid and locked
In order to open, someone must knock

Concealed mysteries await further on
That only keyholders may look upon

You kick and batter to try and break through
But that will never, ever do

Curiosity swells and begins to rise
Looking inot dark, untelling eyes

You tell yourself 'I bet I already know her'
But why do you still wonder over and over?

Your judgment is only based on looks
Don't try to read my like a book

If you want to be allowed entrance
You must be able to have patience

Locked out, as the rain starts to pour
On the steps outside the door

Still you sit, waiting to see
What hides behind this door of me

Don't give up and walk away
We could become great friends someday

You just have to ask politely
I will give you the key

For you, I will no longer hide
Turn the key, open the door
And take a step inside
See me as I am and more

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Jerry Hughes 18 January 2009

Brains and beauty? A rarity in one so young, congratulations, Jerry

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