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'I think that I shall never see a poem lovely as a tree'

A single leaf makes its own history.
Attached to the bough from which it

My beloved father, the last time we met
in company with your confidant and friend Abu,
we spoke of many things.
Most importantly the history I'd lost in the


I can hear you
making small holes

The sun rises early.
'Bloody daylight saving.'
Birds fly. Grasses grow.
The Victa's primed and

Amidst the rubble and confusion
a child's hand clutching a toy.

He saw her, and knew he had to meet her,
this elfin girl with bobbed hair
and an oval face.
Eyes as big as saucers, and lips,


I wish I'd have done the things
I should have, when I should have.
Looking back, we're told we shouldn't -
I could have done better - been kinder -

The sense of loss
can't be explained.
It's as though half
of you says 'let's do

'the Somme 1916'

I'm scribbling in incessent rain
and mud has turned to slush.


2008 a new year.
But is it new?
That feeble minded imbecile
George W. Bush is still here.

Love is life. Life is love.
Everything I understand,
I understand only because
I love.

He said
calmly, professionally
without bamboozle;
You won't know a thing

There is a similarity about them.
Eric, and my father.
Quiet men, who went about their lives
doing well for others.

Ye gods, eighty one!
Who'd have thought it?
Certainly not I.
So there's one delightful

Des, what time is it?
Seventy two.
Not your age you silly bugger;
What's the right time?

It was cold and wet
and there he was,
sitting on a park bench,
sorting his worldly posessions

He was anyone, everyone's son.
A splendid, strapping lad
with a smile to make an angel blush;
So innocent, shy and wide.


When I was a youth
you were not born.
When I was a man
you were a child.

January 4,2006

It's all but two years since
my friend and mentor,


In my minds-eye I conjure you
as would an enchanter, playing
to a crowd of one.

jerry hughes Biography

Frankly it's a miracle I can write. Born dyslexic I had to be a dunce at school, and I was. Persistence, and a little voice within told me I could learn just as well at the school of hard knocks, and I did. What you'll read in my writing is a gaggle of experiences, love, lust, hurt and pain. My loathing of war, especially the miserable bastards who promote and profit by it. Also a life-long support for the not so fortunate with whom I relate. If you find a spelling mistake or two, that's the way flip flops.)

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A Leaf

'I think that I shall never see a poem lovely as a tree'

A single leaf makes its own history.
Attached to the bough from which it
sprung it is a perfect entity.

As part of the whole a resting-place for birds,
and a refuge for life-forms that we cannot see.
It welcomes the seasons, and greets each day
with an open face.

Throughout it's life it made no enemy, yet,
men come with chainsaws to fell the parent tree.

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~A Little Blue Bird~ 27 April 2008

Jerry Hughes really does care.

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Onelia Avelar 06 June 2008

...and Vise Verse: readers also do care for Jerry Hughes...

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Alison Cassidy 19 June 2008

Jerry Hughes is the bravest man I've met. I know, because I've been sitting by his bedside for what seems like forever watching him. I've witnessed his terror on the morning of surgery, his slowly dawning realization that half of him was missing, his agonizing, perplexing and always frustrating journey through the glitches of post ICU and his abiding determination that he's going to 'come back' from it all. I am privileged to be able to keep his bed warm while he's in rehab and I look forward for however long it takes to having him home with his family at Craig Avenue. Darling jerry. I have never loved you more. Your Allie Pie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ And a big kiss too from Ella, Rommy and Sadie.

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Jerry Hughes 01 November 2008

No my darling, I'm not the bravest man you've met, cos any bravery I have comes from your devotion to me. Thank you...

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Jerry Hughes 24 July 2012

Thank you Nyi, Kim, Eddie, Leslie, belove Alison, Onelia, Little Blue Bird, Ashley n' all for you kind words,

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Nyia Schultz 13 July 2010

Jerry your poems are definately an inspiration to me.

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Kimberly Fine 08 November 2009

I just wanted to tell you that - 'a few words of a kind' was so beautiful and gives me hope..

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Eddie Roa 25 January 2009

Jerry, I received my first uncomplementing comment on my poemstoday and it was from you. It serves me right to have been a bit shoddy with my writing and to be too quick to have it published here in Poemhunter. I may not agree with all that you said but I do admire the candidness by which you have assessed my poem. I've been spoiled by the usual polite comments which really lead me to a fool's paradise. I learned from your frankness. Thanks and with much admiration I remain, Eddie Roa

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Leslie Ching 23 December 2008

I don't think I have the right to judge people who have been in the world longer than I have, but I do hope my opinion matters to them, personally. Compared to most, I'm a tiny fraction of their age, and not very wise in terms of experience, but this is one thing all readers know-Jerry Hughes writes from his heart and always has the right words for what he wants to say. I've had one mentor in my short life so far, but from hereon, I have two... A reader always, -Leslie Ching-

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