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A broken ancient bell
is spinning a broken cobweb and has trapped
one butterfly, one blue moth and
also several small winged insects

Being back and forth- - -
there is always only one home;
if you bear with such brambles,
then you have kept


Is it the bean curd getting him fatty? No.
It's the towel gourd in the summer, the balsam pear,
wax gourd, and squash
On the way to the green grocery shopping,

Freedom is farther away than far,
But just beside you.
--Sanyuan forewords

A day is just like the sun
From the sky,
With flying birds, and
Clouds in many uncanny ways.

The painted building was an extreamly tiny one.
It had just finished an unknown touching action,
of which no one heard the boiling ketle in it, and
getting louder and louder under thinner air.

The autumn insects chirping to the fake,
the mind prevaricated by the vast;
o, the air escaping nowhere,
everything still here.

Here heart beats:
out of the imagination, the dark so close:
only sweet music within the rosy clouds:
how back to the reality, say.

'And Humming Drafts Keep Drawing'

And humming drafts keep drawing
dramatically from all directions

Making inquiries at the hollow of the night,
The afflatus is the closet to the answer but never get it.


People say you are just in the mountain
But can’t find your sign and trace
Oh, no — only when I have done all I can to get on the top
I can see where you are, and what your expression is

It's a smiling day, green light all over the air,
it's a hungry day; a need with memory.

It's a request only for a vaporized kid,

Do not lend yourself to overcast and the rainy,
come round please, the lawn has been shooting up already.

The camellia gets amorous and reddish
to cause the businessman's unbending heart to be moving.

How many voices are hiding in the earth beneath the earth
When we have translated them to the sun
They all become mute

Today, all of a sudden, a fish is in the bowl
of a meal,
so it's absolutely free, almost like
a twilling spider, with shine, with sweet dew.

Jiang Haizhou Biography

Jiang Haizhou (1960—) was born in China and he graduated the University of English Education. He has been writing poetry since 1976 and he writes poetry both in Chinese and English now. He has won several poetry prizes in China.)

The Best Poem Of Jiang Haizhou

An Ancient Mnastery In The Remote Mountains

A broken ancient bell
is spinning a broken cobweb and has trapped
one butterfly, one blue moth and
also several small winged insects
in the night breeze, feelinglessly

they are playing on their own swing……

Jiang Haizhou Comments

Xiulan J 11 October 2019

I can understand and feel what he is saying with this poems. The best.

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Mercedes Cy 20 April 2018

Mr. Jiang is a genius. The writing style is superb. To be able to feel what a poet feels touches my soul. Thank you

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Yolanda 20 April 2018

Mr. Jiang is the greatest poet I have ever known. I can feel every word that he has written.

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