An Ancient Mnastery In The Remote Mountains Poem by Jiang Haizhou

An Ancient Mnastery In The Remote Mountains

A broken ancient bell
is spinning a broken cobweb and has trapped
one butterfly, one blue moth and
also several small winged insects
in the night breeze, feelinglessly

they are playing on their own swing……

Payal Parande 17 August 2012

so beautiful i can actually imagine what are you trying to show us a brilliant write i must say.... thank you for sharing best wishes, payal

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Deepak Manchanda 10 August 2012

Lovely imagery. So much said in so little.

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Luo Zhihai 19 June 2016

they are playing on their own swing 欣赏这种感觉

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Asif Andalib 18 October 2012

This poem is like a beautiful painting. I love it.

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Ellias Anderson Jr. 16 September 2012

Full of natural emotion. we can make contact with the nature by your great work here. well done Jiang..

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Tulip Julio Tulipan 29 August 2012

Great! I love it. note: mnastery in the title lost O I think and it should be monastery. right?

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Eindaray Kyaw 26 August 2012

sometimes small things can be the causes of big things.Like this poem, just about a simple case but can bring a big poem.Great!

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