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I am the proud mother of 4 beautiful children and am currently writing a book about my life with poetry as footnotes.....It is called 'the Story Of A Girl, ' and eventually I hope to publish a book of poetry and a novel. I am enrolled in Long Ridge Writers Group to further my dreams of being published and to strengthen my writing skills.

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I thought of you today
I think of you so much
I hear them tell me not to cry
When I bring you up

I still expect your presence
Left without
My heart still breaks
Left without
And nothing will replace

Every step forward
I move closer to you
I want you to see
How I'll carry you
How I'll carry your name
While your not here
How I'll do it all for you
Like you were here

And every step forward
Your farther away
The time grows longer
And memories fade
There was still so much
I had to say
But these words get lost along the way

I shift my weight from foot to foot
Move now
With urgency
I know I lost what I
Once was
The day that you left me

I move so differently now
Along through
This wronged life
When compassion mirrors strife
I know that they must twist the knife

So, I step cautiously
In your absence
With a heavy foot
And heavy soul
Leaving the imprint of my love
For you
On everything I know.

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