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641. Love Vs Hate 8/15/2017
642. And So He Danced 8/16/2017
643. I March For Peace 8/17/2017
644. All The Heathers I Have Missed 8/18/2017
645. When The Morning Comes Alive 9/23/2017
646. To Sing Among The Birds 9/24/2017
647. And, Again, Still I Pray 9/26/2017
648. Living Our Childhood 9/27/2017
649. The Things I Do Not Know 9/28/2017
650. When Does Friendship Form? 9/29/2017
651. What Price Freedom 9/30/2017
652. A Babay At The Funeral 10/1/2017
653. The Photographer 10/2/2017
654. When Will This Senselessness End? 10/3/2017
655. When Is The Time? 10/4/2017
656. Why Are We Afraid To Try? 10/5/2017
657. Awakened By The Moon 10/6/2017
658. White Spot On My Shoe 10/7/2017
659. I Am A Child...Your Child 10/8/2017
660. What Is It About A Waterfall? 10/9/2017
661. Rocker On The Porch 10/10/2017
662. Old House 10/11/2017
663. A World Where There Are Squirrels 10/12/2017
664. Religion 10/14/2017
665. Why Black And White Phorography? 10/15/2017
666. How Do We Explain... 10/16/2017
667. Old Oak Tree 10/17/2017
668. Where Their Love Began 10/18/2017
669. One Leaf 10/19/2017
670. Kim's Wigs 10/20/2017
671. Mobile Home 10/21/2017
672. Our True Beaity 10/22/2017
673. Happy Things 10/23/2017
674. As Rich As I Can Be 10/24/2017
675. It's Up To Us! 10/26/2017
676. Little Acts Of Love 10/27/2017
677. A Three Hour Log 10/30/2017
678. More Things I Wonder About 10/31/2017
679. Watching Our Children Sleep 11/1/2017
680. Redefining Happiness 11/2/2017

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Best Poem of Jim Yerman

Love Nest

I recently ran across a list Deborah and I created long ago
It contained the dreams for our perfect house...our ideal bungalow.

We called it our North Carolina Love Nest and it was to be our creed
For we thought, on this paper, we listed everything we'd need.

Everything to keep us contented, our personal honeycomb
Everything our minds could think of...to make a happy home.

We were young and innocent back then...and our dreams...unlimited and grand
But despite our best intentions...life didn't go the way we planned.

You see we never built our dream ...

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The Ipad Shuffle

It’s funny with all the technology available to which we have access
Unless it is our fingers and hands we exercise less and less.

But I have found the exception to this technological repercussion
That I gladly enter now into the exercise discussion.

I truly love the IPAD it has made life much better than before
But Deborah’s love borders on obsession …yes she’s and IPAD whore.

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